New Study: The Growing PEO Industry

A recent study, conducted by noted economists at McBassi and Associates, shows that the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry is growing significantly. The findings in this study come as no surprise to us, because we see each day how our clients benefit from the help of a PEO, so it makes sense that more employers would seek expert assistance on HR-related issues. As employment laws and regulations shift and change, it becomes harder and harder for employers to keep up and remain compliant.

"This study proves through hard data that the PEO industry is a vibrant, impactful, and growing sector of the U.S. economy," said NAPEO President Pat Cleary.  "PEOs provide clear competitive advantages to their small and mid-size business clients, and more and more businesses are embracing the PEO concept and capitalizing on the benefits of using a PEO." Continue reading this article, “New Study Shows Significant Footprint and Strong Growth for PEO Industry,” on the MarketWatch website.

So, what is a PEO, anyway? PEOs operate in a co-employment relationship with client businesses. You (as the employer) manage business operations while the PEO is responsible for the administrative tasks associated with your employees. With a PEO partner, you can offer better employee benefits, recruit better employees, lower administrative costs, add money back to your bottom line, and create safer work environments. This means you have more time to focus on what really matters: growing your business.

Find out why so many other employers have turned to a PEO for expert guidance and a competitive advantage for their business by contacting us.

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