Personality Assessments: Hiring Miss Congeniality

Quick! Answer the question below:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “I dislike yelling, but sometimes a little yelling is necessary.”

Was that difficult to answer? This question is an example of those asked by personality assessment software. More and more companies use these assessments as a hiring tool to select the best candidate for the job, and for their culture, based on the answers candidates give.

Are Pre-Hire Assessments New?

Such assessments date back to the 1940s, so it's not a new hiring tool, but with today’s statistical modeling and computing power, companies can obtain inexpensive, effective, and customized assessments that measure everything from technical and communication skills, to personality traits.

Companies can assess their successful current employees and tailor their hiring assessments to look for similar qualities. And, by using questions like the one above, it's harder for applicants to answer dishonestly.

Software Assessments and Diverse Qualities

Assessments that target candidates who reflect the qualities of top performers can be ideal, depending on the position you need to fill. However, you also risk hiring a homogenous workforce, which can lead to reduced innovation and overall performance. Therefore, setting the appropriate parameters to identify candidates that “fit,” while not omitting candidates with unique qualifications, is challenging. We can help you ask the right questions and find your next great employee.

Employers are More Selective than Ever

Employer selectivity grew during the recession, and now companies have their choice of the best talent at the right price. The Wall Street Journal reported that in 2001, 26% of large U.S. employers used pre-hire assessments. By 2013, the number had climbed to 57%.

One leading developer of assessment software recently analyzed 20 companies that use their assessments and found that online assessments can eliminate up to 50% of unqualified applicants easily, and on the spot.

Could Pre-Hire Assessment Work For You?

Pre-hire assessments could benefit your company, whether you’re a large or small employer. Hiring right has long been known as a key element of successful businesses. Call us to discuss the pros and cons of pre-hire assessments and to see if they make sense for your company.

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