A Little Meditation Goes a Long Way

As a business owner, you make decisions almost constantly that impact the health and stability of your business, which is why critical thinking is so important. Being able to think critically enables you to make the best decisions possible, free of biases or assumptions. A recent Harvard Business Review study found one way to increase your ability to think critically is through meditation. The study found that even a short 15 minutes a day can positively impact your critical thinking skills and help you problem solve more effectively.

"Better business decisions are better because they use our resources – our time, energy, and money – wisely.  A refreshed mind, through focused breathing and staying present, contributes to this ability exponentially. Where critical thinking is an important skill in our leadership and our teams, how we choose to use the present to take care of this valuable asset is up to us." Continue reading this article, "How to Nourish Critical Thinking & Make Better Business Decisions," by Trinnie Houghton on the Sojourn Partners website.

We can help you strategize ways to make time for meditation so that your brain can operate at full capacity, allowing you to make the best decisions for your business. Partnering with a PEO can help you save time, no matter how you choose to spend it. Contact us today to learn more.

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