Company Wellness Programs Cut Costs

Did you know? Common chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are responsible for $1.1 trillion in lost productivity annually in the U.S.

Wellness Programs Save Money and Increase Productivity

Healthcare reform is not just a new governmental policy, it is a bottom line initiative for many companies. The Affordable Care Act has incentives for employers to institute a qualified wellness program for employees. Today, nearly 80% of large employers have wellness programs, according to a 2013 RAND study. But, how do small-to-medium companies benefit? Small companies with a wellness program

  • save money by cutting healthcare costs
  • increase employee productivity by decreasing sick days
  • boost employee health

Wellness Programs Work for Your ROI

According to Harvard researchers, companies that have wellness programs are seeing a return on investment of about $3.27 on medical costs and $2.73 on absenteeism-related costs. And that, to borrow a health-related term, is nothing to sneeze at. By implementing a wellness program, your company could see the same kind of return on investment.

We can tell you more about the cost-saving effectiveness of wellness programs, as well as the pros and cons of using rewards versus penalties. Call us today to discuss an individualized plan that will save you money and motivate your employees.

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