EEOC Retaliation Claims on the Rise

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is charged with enforcing six federal laws including the Equal Pay Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The number of claims filed by the EEOC in 2014 came in at just under 89,000. Charges of retaliation reached its highest number ever at 42.8% of the claims.

Retaliation claims have increased dramatically in the past 10 years, and these situations continue to be difficult for companies to handle. The challenge for business owners and HR professionals is to remain calm when faced with claims of discrimination, not take allegations personally, and handle them appropriately. The best thing you can do is make sure your business practices best position you to prevent a claim.

If you find yourself in contentious situations with an employee, call us instead of retaliating. We can help you remain objective and make the right decisions to reduce the potential of EEOC claims of retaliation.

The EEOC obtained $296.1 million in monetary relief for victims of employment discrimination in private sector and state and local government workplaces through mediation, conciliation, and other administrative enforcement. According to EEOC data, the following states top the charts for the most number of EEOC charges last year.

State  % of US total charges 
 TX  9.1
 FL  8.5
 CA  7.2
 GA  5.4
 IL  5.1
 PA  4.6
 NC  4.5
 NY  4.1
 TN  3.6
 VA  3.4

If you find yourself in a situation that might put you at risk of a retaliation charge, please contact us. We can also help you set up the right processes and training to prevent harassment charges in the first place.


Facts in the above chart come from the EEOC's Enforcement & Litigation Statistics.

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