Have You Considered "Test Driving" Job Candidates?

Have you considered using a temp-to-perm process as a hiring strategy? It could help you reduce turnover and find better, more qualified employees. You also get firsthand knowledge of how someone works, how they engage with fellow employees, and how they fit within the organization. You save yourself time and money if you realize that someone is not a good fit for your company before you've permanently hired them. The benefit  to a temp-to-perm worker is that they have the opportunity to evaluate whether your company is a good fit for them. This is also a great solution for candidates who are looking for a career switch or are re-entering the workforce.

"Hiring and retaining employees is a struggle for all sorts of companies, but at smaller ones the stakes can be especially high... Trouble is, the traditional hiring process — résumés, interviews, references — offers only a cursory view of job candidates... particularly those who are early in their careers. Add to this the fast pace, the long hours and the highs and lows of a start-up or a small business, and high turnover seems inevitable." Continue reading this article, "Uncertain About Hiring, Some Companies Try 'Test Drives'," by Sarah Max on the New York Times website.

Remember to treat temp-to-perm workers the same way you would a permanent employee. Temp-to-perm solutions do not work for all positions, and keep in mind that it might limit your recruiting pool because some candidates are not interested in signing up for a temporary position with an unknown future. This approach works best for specific types of companies in particular industries. If you think this strategy could help your business reduce the costs of employee turnover and ensure you make the right hiring decisions, contact us for help.

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