Client Success Story: Construction Contractor Saves over $70,000 in Workers' Comp Fees

Client: Framing Contractor with 85 Employees

Success Story: We first started working with this client in 2004 when their experience modifier (emod) was a 1.31. After developing relationships with the owners and all of the site foremen, we created a tailored safety training program to identify and correct the root causes of previous accidents at their company. The safety training emphasized fall protection, ladder safety, and electrical hand tool safety.

We completely revamped this client’s safety program and required all employees to read and sign off on having received a copy of the safety program. As a result of our intervention, these employees now know first aid, use preferred providers, and are always returned to work light duty. Our Safety Director goes to their job sites regularly and is fully supported by the business owner, along with his partners. Additionally, several general contractors that work with this client have accepted OSHA consultations at the specific job sites. All of these steps resulted in a significant emod decrease from 1.31 to .76, a nearly unheard of rate for a framing contractor!

Result: Savings of over $70,000 in annual workers’ compensation fees

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