Recruit without Breaking the Bank

No Cost or Low Cost Advertising for Job Openings

There was a day when the newspaper was full of expensive recruitment ads. These days, that's not the case anymore, thanks to the power of personal networking and the Internet. Below we share some great, low-cost ways to find employees both off-line and online. If you need more information or want to contact us with questions, we're always happy to take your call.

Free Off-line Networking

Of course, word-of-mouth, the tried and true method of recruitment still tops the list. Maintain your own rich network of contacts, and reach out to them when you have an opening. You never know who they might be able to introduce you to.

Many of your current employees are also members of societies within their fields. Make sure your employees are aware of open positions and ask them to proactively network for you. Ask your employees to look out for good people, even those who work in different industries. You might find a great sales or IT person who would love to jump from their ship to yours.

Stay in touch with former, valued, and trusted employees and ask them for referrals – or who knows, maybe they’ll want to come back.

Reach out to community, college, and university career services offices for positions that would be good for recent graduates. Ask them to post your openings on their job boards.

Free Online Networking

One of the fastest ways to recruit is the Internet. Because of the power and speed of information flow, word gets around quickly. Be sure to make applications easy to complete or you could lose good candidates. Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of free online resources:

  • LinkedIn is the gold standard, and is most effective for manager and higher level candidates. Build authentic relationships based on people you know personally, and use second and third-party contacts to extend your reach. Join LinkedIn groups, and find out what LinkedIn groups your ideal candidates belong to.

  • If your company website doesn’t already have a “Careers” tab, add one to your main menu and post your job openings there.

  • Ask all of your employees to add a line in their email signature block with the job title and a link directing interested parties to your Careers tab.

  • If your company belongs to organizations like the Chamber of Commerce or professional organizations, take advantage of their online job boards.

  • Twitter and Facebook can increase exposure and build awareness of your company. These networks are best for administrative or labor positions.

  • For administrative, service, or entry-level positions, Craigslist.com can also be useful. Some employers are even finding applicants for Director and Manager positions.

  • Indeed.com has some free job posting capabilities, too.

Low-Cost Online Networking

Of course you can use sites such as Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, etc. Take a look at http://www.jobpostingwebsites.com for a general comparison of costs and benefits.

You can publish a paid ad on LinkedIn, as well. On your LinkedIn homepage, select “Jobs” and then “Post a Job”.

Low-Cost Print

If you have frequent or many job openings, consider printing business cards with a brief company description, application instructions, and a way to get more information. Place them at your front desk, hand out at events such as trade shows, or give them to your employees to pass along to their contacts.

Consider trade publications in the field you need. Their classifieds may be less expensive than a newspaper ad.

Traditional Print

For some positions, you may need to spend the money for ads in select newspapers. If you do, you may be able to get no-cost or low-cost ads on their online versions, as well.

Use the Right Recruitment Mix for the Job

We can help you decide the right combination of resources mentioned here, and help you use them to your full advantage. Just give us a call.
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