Tips for Working Successfully with Your CPA

A good relationship with your tax accountant is critical to a small business. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can be a great ally to your company and your bottom line. Keeping up with ever-changing tax laws is a time-consuming headache, but if you have a trusted partner with plenty of experience and expertise, it might make your job much easier.

"Even if you employ a bookkeeper or an office manager to handle your day-to-day finances, you’ll want to cultivate a strong working relationship with a tax accountant.

'The best thing you can do [for your small business] is work with your CPA on a proactive basis,' says Robert Gambardella, CPA and co-author of the book Secrets of a Tax Free Life. 'Find someone who is more than just your tax preparer. You really need a year-round trusted adviser.'" Continue reading this article by Leslie Ayers, "5 Keys to a Successful Relationship With Your Tax Accountant," on the QuickBooks website.

Remember, with tax season coming up, do not wait until the last minute to submit your paperwork. Your CPA will greatly appreciate you giving them ample time to process your taxes, especially if your taxes are complex. Additionally, if you're not sure how to complete your taxes, hire someone who can help. You could miss large deductions or accidentally overpay, and lose money you could have saved. We can help you improve your relationship with your CPA, or answer your payroll tax-related questions.

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